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Kämp Collection Hotels Welcomes Top-level Travel Bloggers

The biggest travel event in Northern Europe: Matka 2017 Fair's international bloggers program Nordic Bloggers’ Experience (NBE) started at the weekend, when over 70 travel bloggers took part in the Finnish Adventure all around the country. This coming Tuesday the bloggers will meet at Klaus K Hotel’s La Dolce Vita themed welcome party. “Collaboration with NBE gives us a great opportunity to create personal relationships with international travel bloggers”, Kämp Collection Hotels’ Strategic Marketing Director Mirkku Kullberg tells us. “We believe in the power of content, real stories and our strong partnerships, to deliver our message. These are the reasons why we started collaborating as a hotel partner to Nordic Bloggers’ Experience. Kämp Collection Hotels is the official hotel partner of the Nordic Bloggers’ Experience for the first time this year. A third of the bloggers, who have arrived from 27 different countries all in all, are staying at boutique hotel Lilla Roberts and Klaus K Hotel. The NBE program and the Matka Travel Fair have achieved a solid status internationally among bloggers. Altogether there were over 500 applicants for the campaign, from 51 countries. Nordic Travel Fair Matka 2017 and Matka Pro Fair will be held at the Helsinki Fair Centre from 19th to 22nd January 2017. The NBE bloggers’ program of the Matka Fair is open from 14th to the 24th January 2017.