Kämp Collection Hotels

The most prestigious and high quality hotels at the heart of Helsinki

Kämp Collection Hotels (previously Kämp Group) is a group of Finnish hotels, which consists of Helsinki’s most reputable hotels and restaurants, and Kämp Spa. Kämp Collection Hotels has approximately 400 employees and its turnover is approximately 50 million euros. Kämp Collection Hotels’ most well-known hotel is Hotel Kämp, which was established in 1887. In addition, also the luxury and design hotel Klaus K Hotel and the popular lifestyle hotel chain GLO, which includes the GLO Kluuvi, GLO Art, GLO Sello and GLO Airport hotels are part of the group. In Helsinki city center Hotel Haven, Hotel Fabian and Lilla Roberts were acquired in May 2015. Kämp Collection Hotels’ latest addition is a brand new luxury hotel, Hotel St. George, which is to be opened in the beginning of 2018. Kämp Collection Hotels is owned by CapMan managed funds, Berling Capital Oy and Rake Oy and Kämp Collection Hotels’ management.

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