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Kämp Collection Hotels Spa

Rise above everyday cares

Warm welcome to our world of wellbeing, serenity and harmony. Let us create you a serene sense of relaxation to help you to achieve balance in body and mind alike. Choose your favorite spa below and book a time for spa treatment

Kämp Spa

 Welcome to Kämp Spa, where cosmopolitan tradition meets contemporary Nordic atmosphere.  Kämp Spa is the only spa in Finland that specialises in ESPA luxury products and philosophy. Every ESPA spa is hand-picked and unique, designed to reflect the city and culture that surrounds it, and the signature treatments of the spas are tailored specifically to the needs of clients.

St. George Care

The Hotel St. George is the first in the Nordic region to offer its guests innovative synergy: a full-service luxury hotel with holistic care for a healthy mind, heart and body. St. George Care spa concept will deliver both mental and physical well-being with its pool, sauna and relaxation space, and treatment rooms