Business Club. Best rates and benefits for corporate customers.

The Kämp Collection Business Club offers the best rates and benefits every day of the year—for your entire personnel.

Include your company in the programme and enjoy the benefits in all Kämp Collection hotels.

To use your benefits, simply provide your Business Club code when making a reservation online or by phone. Redeeming benefits is easy, because the code is the same for all your personnel.


If you join the programme, your entire personnel can enjoy the benefits of the Kämp Collection Business Club.

  • A minimum of 10% off the daily rate in all Kämp Collection hotels
  • No minimum overnight stay requirements
  • Super-fast Wi-Fi free of charge (available in all rooms with a fast connection)
  • Changing free-time offers

Joining the programme is easy. Simply send us your contact information using the form provided below. We will email you your company’s Business Club code so that you can redeem your benefits in conjunction with booking a room.

Company name *
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The Kämp Collection Business Club benefits are valid at all Kämp Collection hotels:

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Klaus K Hotel >>
Hotel Haven >>
Lilla Roberts >>
GLO Hotels >>
Hotel Fabian >>
Hotel St. George >>


We are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the Business Club or the use of your benefit code. The easiest way to contact us is to send an email to