Tomi Björck's Restaurants in our Hotels

Two amazing Tomi Björck's restaurants are in connection with our hotels – Boon Nam serving Thai food operates in Hotel St. George and the atmospheric Lily Lee is located in Klaus K Hotel's building.

The carefully curated menus are Björck's souveniers from Asia, and the refined flavours go well with the elegant setting of our hotels.

Check out the restaurants below and book a memorable dinner experience in our hotels!

Boon Nam, Hotel St. George

Boon Nam offers small bites full of flavour, aromatic spicy salads and juicy charcoal barbequed meats from Isan region, creamy coconut curries from central Thailand and fresh seafood dishes from southern Thailand. Fresh herbs, crushed lime juice, chilies, toasted peanuts – balance between four essential elements: hot, sour, salty and sweet is the key element in Boon Nam’s cuisine. Everything in Boon Nam is house made from scratch. Dishes will be shared with the entire table, family style. This unforgettable dinner is enjoyed in a warm and elegant environment, ground floor of Finland’s most chic luxury hotel, Hotel St. George. Combine these extraordinary flavors with elegant and colorful hand-crafted cocktails and a superb wine list and you will surely get a flavour journey that you will not forget.   

Boon Nam and Hotel St. George both share holistic well-being values. Boon Nam complements Hotel St. Georges services, but operates as an independent restaurant and is owned by Tomi Björck, Serko Rantanen, Ronny Malmberg, Kevin Manu, Hoang Nguyen and Minka Björck. This extremely experienced team wanted to unite their strengths and skills, then Boon Nam – a vidid and interesting restaurant was created. This result exudes love towards from scratch house made food, craftmanship and true passion towards Thai cuisine and its unique flavours. 

Lily Lee, Klaus K Hotel

Lily’s flavours unite treasures from the forest, land and sea creating its unique cuisine. 

Lily Lee is inspired by Taiwanese cuisine, which is a mash up of Hakka style cooking and Japanese delicate flavours, Hong Kong’s street kitchens and classical Cantonese methods. Diversity of the fundamental tastes – salty, sweet, sour and bitter and hot are the key elements in Lily’s kitchen.  Our team has crafted modern and contemporary dishes using ancient recipes, traditional techniques and using only the finest ingredients available.

We believe that our dedication to craftsmanship, constant innovation and extensive research surprise and charm. Restaurants menu consist of much love classics, Lily’s dim sums and snacks, aromatic salads, grilled juicy meats, fresh seafood, tasty claypot dishes and mouthwatering desserts. All larger dishes are for sharing and served as ready from the kitchen family meal style.

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