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Choose you own career path

If you want something, work hard for it, go after it.
I can't worry about all the 'no's, because I believe there's a yes,
and I've been very fortunate to find those in my career
and made the most of those opportunities.

- Mara Brock Akil

All of us who work at Kämp Collection Hotels are united by a love for the hotel and restaurant industry. Our guests' laughter and smiles get us excited as we get to be a part of their day and help make it a successful one. We get to be a part of different stages of our guests' life, from baptisms to birthdays, graduations to engagements and weddings. We witness reunions, major sport events, amazing concerts and visits by dignitaries.

All our teams work with one important goal in mind: whoever enters through the doors of our hotel is warmly welcome. Customer service is in our genes, and for many of us our journey has begun from applying for a job as a receptionist to one of our hotels. In the family of Kämp Collection Hotels, which consists of ten hotels, restaurants, bars, spas and our bakery-café, it is easy to increase your experience and expertise.

Not only do we work closely together across all of our hotel units, we also get to move on to more challenging roles. Check out the stories of our employees below: where did their path begin and where are they now!

Want to join our team or do you know someone who would fit our team perfectly? Find all of our open positions here!

Hanna Tynninen – From Intern to Duty Manager

"I was finishing my studies and I started my last internship at Hotel Lilla Roberts in 2017. After my internship, I started working as a receptionist at Lilla Roberts. It was great to get to work as part of a renowned hotel chain and a hotel with an amazing brand. Lilla Roberts is part of the Kämp Collection Hotels family and this made it possible to work at other Kämp Collection Hotels when the opportunity arose. The job offers a variety of opportunities and I was able to develop as an employee. After a few years, a position opened up for me as a Duty Manager. The best things at work are the co-workers and a good team spirit."

Ville Haapala – From Receptionist to HR Coordinator

"After finishing my studies in Tallinn in 2018, I had my future open ahead of me and a possible move back to the Helsinki metropolitan area. I was aware of the high-quality reputation of Kämp Collection Hotels, I knew they run Finland's first-class hotels, and the idea of working with international people quickly led me to send the first job application to be a receptionist to GLO Hotel Art's reception. The openness of the work environment and the opportunities for self-development internally have led my career path from a receptionist to a an HR Coordinator in a few years.”

John Wasserfall – From Cruises to Night Manager

"After 6 years of travelling around the world while working on board a luxury cruise ship, I ended up moving here. After a slight weather and language reality check, I have learnt to appreciate the beautiful city of Helsinki. Interestingly, one of my first experiences was having lunch at Kämp Brasserie and since then, a career with this prestige product became my aim. I succeeded in getting the job as Night Clerk/Receptionist at Hotel Haven in 2019. Three years in and a promotion later, I am still happy and very privileged to be working for the best company in Helsinki."

Maija Lindberg – From Intern to Head of Reservations

"I fell in love with the unique and enchanting atmosphere of GLO Hotel Art and decided to apply for my first internship in my hospitality management studies there in the autumn of 2007. Like many other interns, after my internship I continued as a part-time receptionist and after graduating I started as a full-time sales executive. I found the company's vision, mission and values to be my own and the atmosphere encouraging, and since the autumn of 2014 I have managed the sales service of Kämp Collection Hotels."

Johanna Kari – From Head Waitress to Assistant Restaurant Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working in the restaurant industry for 15 years now! Five years ago, I applied to join Brasserie Kämp as a Head Waitress. Over the years, the responsibility has grown and I have learned a lot about wines, which are my own passion and it has been great to be able to show my skills in that area as well. Today, I work at the restaurant as an Assistant Restaurant Manager and I am responsible for some of Helsinki's finest experiences and the people behind them. In addition to professional development and growth, the best thing during the years I've spent in Kämp are the amazing people and different personalities I have been able to work with. A genuine and heartfelt mindset has made the work meaningful. ”

Mika Makkonen – From Piccolo to General Manager

"I think it was the year 2000 when got a job in a hotel as a piccolo which meant taking things requested by guests to their rooms, carry suitcases and park cars. The staff was filled with amazing people and the job felt nice and versatile enough, which is why I decided to stay in the hospitality industry and move to London to gain more work experience. In 2012 after a few twist and turns I found myself as the Hotel Manager at Hotel Kämp, managing the team of receptionist ja developing of the hotel's operations. Six years ago, I had the opportunity to apply for a General Manager at Hotel Haven, and encouraged by the work community, I ended up applying for the job. And here we are now! The years have included amazing success and a lot of learning, in the hospitality industry you find something new everyday either in the job or in yourself. The best thing about my job is definitely the people oriented approach and the feeling when my team excels. I am grateful for that every day."

Employee of the Year

At Kämp Collection Hotels our work community is like our second family and many of us have found lifelong friends in each other. When we face challenges in our work we figure them out together and we celebrate each other’s succeedings.

Every year, each of our ten hotels’ staff votes for the hotel’s Employee of the Year. They are someone who has shown in their work not only great skills but also the ability to listen to their colleagues and create a positive working atmosphere around them.

We would like to introduce Employees of the Year 2021!

Want to join our team or do you know someone who would fit our team perfectly? Find all of our open positions here!

Jeremy, Bar Waiter, Hotel Kämp

He has been described as an absolute treasure. He is a star in customer encounters and a professional service provider both at Kämp Brasserie and at the Bar. His willingness to help his colleagues without hesitation is highly appreciated. As a colleague of his stated: "He never let you down. He is the best".

Panagiotis ”Pauli”, Breakfast Supervisor, Hotel St. George

“He is super - always the right guest service attitude.”

“Does his job properly. Trustworthy.”

”The most passionate and devoted worker I have ever seen.”

“Really cares about breakfast.”

Iina, Head Waitress, Restaurant Haven

"A lot of work done beyond responsibilities, flexible, always doing the best and not leaving anything behind (responsible and trustworthy colleague)"

"Amazing energy and customer service."

"A wonderful and positive colleague who is a pleasure to work with."

Janne, Bar Lilla e, Hotel Lilla Roberts

"Liked by guests and co-workers. Reliable, flexible and willing to work any task or assignment needed."

"Always a gentleman with a twist, dedicated to his craft and makes our Lilla Roberts lobby bar the bubblin' hub it is today. Cheers mate, I am proud to be your colleague." 

"Helpful, always in a good mood. Professional but still enthusiastic, flexible. Everyone can see that he likes his Job. Easy to work with."

Kristian, Night Manager, Hotel Fabian

"A team member with a great battle attitude who is always ready to help in other units as well." 

"After him, it is easy coming to work. He does more than his shift includes work. Maintains a high standard."

"Helpful and great with customers."

Hanna Jefaili, Receptionist, GLO Hotel Airport

"In a short time, Hanna has managed to charm everyone with her professionalism, proactive and genuine nature." 

"The comfort of the guests is Hanna’s priority and it is also strongly reflected in her work, which is a pleasure to witness."

Linda Ojanen, Duty Manager, GLO Hotel Art

"Linda is always happy and kind."

"She is flexible, always kind and knows what's up! She is extremely professional and warm hearted."

"Linda is extremely professional, heartfelt and flexible. Doesn't startle easily and always ready to help at other departments."

"She is a joy to work with."

David, Duty Manager, The TRAY, GLO Hotel Kluuvi

"Always very helpful to all and really good customer service." 

"Team player through and through, always with a smile. Great with customers and staff. Always helping out if needed."

"Because he is very helpful with everyone,👌👌 "

Anna Humala, Sales Executive, KCH Sales Office

"Anna is a conscientious employee, she always has time to help and get to the heart of things. Anna is a one-woman nuclear power plant. :)"

"Is always ready to help and does great work! Great coworker <3"

"Anna has enriched our work community every day with her positivity, calmness and optimism, and has taken on new tasks without prejudice in addition to other jobs. Anna is very heartfelt and always helps others and always takes care of the farewell gifts of other team members, etc."

Monica Weckström, Sales executive, KCH Sales Office

"She is so conscientious and efficient."

"She is trustworthy, fair, kind, hardworking."