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Bleisure combines business and leisure travel sustainably

Bleisure combines the best of business travel with leisure and offers an opportunity to get to know the destination better. It is better for the environment too, as a Bleisure traveller travels sustainably on a single trip for more experiences.

Internationally, the number one tourism trend for 2022 is bleisure travel, which combines business travel with leisure trips. Bleisure is a mix of the words business and leisure.

Although working remotely has increased rapidly in recent years, there are still situations where a job requires you to travel to another city or country. Combining a holiday with a business trip is also becoming more common, as it gives you more time to enjoy the destination. After the workdays, a few extra days off allow you to explore the city, spend a hotel weekend with your family or relax on your own – such as enjoying a massage at the spa and the hotel’s peaceful atmosphere.

Why we love bleisure travel:

  • Sustainability – staying longer in a destination and travelling once instead of multiple shorter trips.
  • Save on travel costs – your employer pays for your travel to and from the destination, so why not stay longer?
  • More time to get to know the city – business travel is often hectic, and there's not enough time to wander around the city. With a few extra days, the city’s possibilities are open!
  • Hotel room’s peace is the best place to work – in a quiet room you can concentrate on work and relax afterwards.
  • Pampering yourself – a business trip with a few extra days in a hotel that offers relaxing treatments and a beautiful pool brings luxury to your travels.

Bleisure travel is good for the environment and for your wallet

Bleisure travel is often supported by those interested in sustainable tourism. Bleisure travel encourages more environmentally friendly travel by easily combining two trips into one. When flying abroad, it is more sustainable to stay longer in one destination rather than making several trips. At the same time, travel costs are reduced if the employer pays for the flights or other travel expenses and the employee uses the trip as an opportunity for an extended weekend in a new city.

At Kämp Collection Hotels, it is important for us to operate as sustainably as possible and to continuously develop our operations in a more responsible way. All of our hotels have been awarded the world's leading eco-label for the travel industry, Green Key, which can be received when a property meets the required Green Key criteria. Encouraging bleisure tourism is also an act of responsibility for us!


With remote working becoming more common it's easy to work from a hotel

Many people today also have the opportunity to work remotely. And what is a better place to work remotely than a hotel room with a good desk, fast internet connection, and coffee available when needed? Combine a business trip with a remote workday at a hotel and spend the weekend exploring the city. For a weekend away, why not bring a friend, a partner, or even the whole family with you!

Working in a hotel also attracts people living in the city. Air-conditioned and quiet hotel rooms provide peace of mind and space for full concentration. Lunch and snacks are quickly available in the same building and a high-quality bed invites you to relax after work. Under the same roof you'll also find a gym, and at Hotel Kämp and Hotel St. George you'll find spas where you can enjoy the gentle heat of the saunas.

What to do in Helsinki on a bleisure trip?

On a bleisure trip, take time to explore the city or, if you're already familiar with it, visit your favourite restaurants, museums and parks. Kämp Collection Hotels all have a range of experiences to choose from for your bleisure trip.

Someone who loves spas and relaxing can enjoy our pampering experiences at Hotel Kämp, Hotel St. George or GLO Hotels. Or maybe you enjoy culinary experiences and would like to elevate your stay with a lovely dinner at Krog Roba or Restaurant Toscanini. And for lovers, we also offer different romantic packages at our hotels. Read more about our hotel packages here.

The best Helsinki tips come from the locals and MyHelsinki has listed many of them on their Your local guide page. Take a look at the website to find something you like to do and enjoy your bleisure trip in Helsinki!

Interested in combining leisure with work in one of Helsinki's finest hotels? In addition to your business trip we happily offer you a leisure stay at a special rate. Ask for the special rates and more information from our sales office.

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