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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for group bookings of Kämp Collection Hotels as of 1st of January 2020.

1. Group booking

A group reservation is a booking of at least 10 rooms, for which the customer supplies a rooming list. To ensure that our group arrangements can be executed as agreed, the following terms and recommendations must be followed, unless otherwise agreed.

2. Confirmation

The booking and its cancellation terms are valid and binding immediately after the subscriber confirms the booking either in writing or over the phone, and the sales office confirms it in writing. The subscriber is responsible for the booking.

All changes to the booking must be done in writing to the sales office.

Reservation details for the group booking must be delivered to the hotel two weeks before the arrival day. Final Rooming list (with names, titles, room types and sharing guests), arrival and departure times, luggage handling, name and contact details of a tour leader, VIPs and special requests, room deliveries, transportation and schedule/program of the group.

If any changes occur after sending the final rooming list, all changes should be informed clearly in writing. Additional reservations can be made with the same conditions according to availability.

3. Cancellation terms

A group booking will stay in the same column of the below cancellation table, even if the booking is reduced. The customer has the right to make cancellations and changes to the reservation without charges according to the below table and based on the latest number of room nights confirmed.

10-30 room nights31-50 room nights51-100 room nights101-150 room nights
100% of reservation14 days30 days60 days100 days prior to arrival
50% of reservation7 days21 days30 days60 days prior to arrival
10% of reservation1 days7 days14 days21 days prior to arrival

Two rooms (excluding suites) can be cancelled one day before the arrival day by 18.00 free of charge. The hotel shall be entitled to charge the full rate for the entire period booked for late cancellations or cancellations exceeding the number of room nights mentioned above. Any changes to bookings should always be made in writing.

For example, you book 30 rooms for two days, which means that your booking has 60 room nights. The cancellation terms apply according to the column for 51-100 room nights. You have the possibility to cancel 50% latest 30 days prior to arrival. Your reservation will be reduced to 30 room nights if you cancel 50% of the reservation. Thereafter you can cancel 10% of the 30 room nights, which equals 3 room nights, latest 14 days prior to arrival. In addition, two rooms (excluding suites) can be cancelled one day before the arrival day by 18.00 free of charge.

Cancellation terms for reservations exceeding 150 room nights are agreed separately.

In case the number of room nights increase, the hotel has the right to apply revised cancellation terms.

The hotel reserves the rights to amend the above terms. The amended terms shall be confirmed with the accommodation offer.

4. Guarantee

Credit card guarantee is required when confirming the reservation. We will send a link in a separate email to securely guarantee the booking. Kämp Collection Hotels (later KCH) reserve the right to verify the credit card for the agreed amount.

Kindly note that we do not accept credit card details sent by email or over the phone.

As an alternative method of guarantee, KCH reserve the right to require either a complete or partial advance payment in order to guarantee the reservation. Amount of prepayment and a schedule for prepayment will be contracted with customer in writing.

5. Terms of payment

Payment method must be agreed when confirming the reservation. The reservation can be paid with cash or credit card on spot or with an advance payment. Please note that the hotel is entitled to ask for a full or partial pre-payment. If the agreed payment has not been settled by the due date, the hotel has the right to cancel the booking.

Kämp Collection Hotels only invoice existing invoicing partners that are located in Finland and who will accept e-invoices. The term of payment is fourteen (14) days net from the date of the invoice. Overdue fee in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act, will be charged for a payment reminder that is sent out. An invoicing charge will be added to all invoices.

Post-invoicing must always be agreed in advance. If no invoicing has been agreed in advance, the reservation must be paid on the spot in cash or by credit card.

6. Prices

All prices are in euros and include VAT. Prices are valid only for dates mentioned in the offer.

7. Assigning the contract

The customer shall not have the right to assign the contract or sign over the reserved hotel rooms to a third party without the written consent of hotel.

Cancellation Policy due to special circumstances

Cancellations for the period 16.3 – 31.5.2020

On March 16, 2020, the Finnish Government announced that Finland was in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 virus and enacted a nationwide standby law until April 13, 2020. On 30th March, the Government decided to continue the restrictive measures until 13th May 2020. Due to this situation, we will update our cancellation policy as follows: