Father's Day

Father’s Day in Helsinki is an experience to cherish! Kämp Collection Hotels and restaurants offer an elegant setting for a memorable Father’s Day celebration. Whether you choose a surprise weekend or a four-course dinner, our selection will surely offer a choice to suit your taste.

Independence Day

Celebrate the centenary of the Finland’s independence in an elegant hotel in Helsinki. This year the city will be even livelier than usual on Finland’s Independence Day.


Each of our Kämp Collection Hotels offers a magnificent setting for Christmas festivities. Choose from our nine top-of-the-line hotels and discover the most appropriate holiday package to match your needs. No matter what your tastes, Kämp Collection hotels and restaurants provide a wide variety of hospitality services that present the ideal solution.

New Year

Let’s celebrate the New Year together at Kämp Collection Hotels – in Helsinki! We are all set to welcome the New Year at prime locations in the city. After a delicious New Year’s dinner, the city gears itself up for a spectacular evening of fireworks and celebration.

Valentine's Day

Give your loved one a surprise and celebrate Valentine’s day in Helsinki! Pamper yourself and your partner and take an amorous mini-holiday in the Finnish capital.

Ski Holidays

Spend a different kind of ski holiday in Helsinki. The traditional way of spending the holiday is to take part in various winter sports like skiing, but there are alternative ways to celebrate the holiday – one excellent choice being a holiday in the city!


The arrival of Easter is a sure sign of spring. Gradually the city fills with light, people on the sidewalks are warmed by the sun, a lighter bounce in their step. Gradually nature awakens, and the wind carries the sweet promise of approaching summer.

May Day

The May Day spring holiday in Helsinki is celebrated throughout the entire city – it’s teeming with revelers. May Day is the moment to raise a toast to spring, the sun, the approaching summer and a license to have fun.


At Midsummer, we celebrate the beautiful northern summer, and the night of the midnight sun is full of magic in Helsinki. Enjoy the Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires, parties at the Lonna Island right in front of the center of Helsinki or create your own Midsummer tradition with family and friends

White Nights

Kämp Collection Hotels offers exceptional atmosphere and unforgettable moments in a magical summer city. 2017 Helsinki White Nights campaign celebrates the high points of the summer in the Finnish capital. Whether bright days or white nights, the capital has it all around the clock.


The cool late summer reminds gently of the following season. Autumn is the time of new beginnings and usually time for returning back home from summer days.
Spend some time together discovering what cultural and hip Helsinki has to offer, relax in our pleasant and luxurious hotels, while the city is veiled by the golden Autumn colors.

You Are Here – Art Card

Take a break from routine and refresh yourself with art!

Kämp Collection Hotels has teamed up with museums in the Greater Helsinki area to give its customers unique experiences of culture and art.

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