Terms and conditions for invoicing

These General Terms and Conditions of Invoicing are governing the companies of Kämp Collection Hotels Oy (Kämp Oy, GLO Hotellit Oy, Oy Union Hotels Ab, Lifestyle Hotels Finland Oy, Kämp Wellness & Health Oy, St. George Oy), hereinafter the “Company", invoicing procedures and practices.

  1. Responsibilities of the Company

The Company is obligated to perform the services ordered by the customer and agreed to by the Company. The Company will post-invoice customers only if the credit facilities has put on place according to Company’s credit policies. Otherwise the Company won’t be sending post-invoices neither from events nor accommodations.

If credit facilities have been agreed, solvent Finnish or foreign companies, schools, municipalities, government offices and contractual associations can be post-invoiced. Post-invoices are not sent to private persons, sole proprietors with a trade name, general or limited partnerships.

  1. Responsibilities of the customer

The customer is responsible for all reservations for which pre- or post-invoicing has been agreed on as the method of payment. The customer’s representative must, upon request, prove that he/she has the right to buy products on the customer’s account.

  1. Invoicing method

All invoices will be sent primarily as e-invoices. If e-invoicing is not possible, the invoices will be sent by email. To activate email invoicing, the customer must log in to Basware’s invoicing portal in connection with the first invoice. Paper invoices will only be sent as an attachment of an email; paper invoices won’t be mailed. An invoicing surcharge, in accordance with the fees that are in effect at the time, will be added to each invoice.

  1. Reservations to be invoiced

Post-invoicing must always be agreed in advance. Reservations that have been made directly through the hotel and the hotel’s website or in-house sales office, as well as reservations made through GDS channels, can be post-invoiced. Post-invoicing must be agreed on with the salesperson in advance for each reservation, even for reservations made through the GDS channel. Reservations made through OTA (Online Travel Agency) channels are not post-invoiced. If the method of invoicing has not been agreed on with the salesperson in advance, the reservation must be paid on spot either by cash or by credit card. 

  1. Credit information checks

Company conducts credit information checks to company’s customers which are agreed to be post-invoiced. The credit information is requested from a credit information company used at the time. If credit information is not received, or if the information cannot be found (e.g. companies who have not yet completed their first accounting period), post-invoicing is not possible and the reservation must be paid on spot either by cash or by credit card

  1. Terms of payment

The term of payment is ten days net from the date of the invoice. The payment must be made to the Company’s account number, which is indicated in the invoice, and the reference number indicated in the invoice must be included.

  1. Invoicing surcharge and reminder fee

An invoicing surcharge per reservation (10 €) will be charged in accordance with the fees that are in effect at the time. A consolidated invoice for several reservations must always be agreed on separately. If a payment is overdue, a fee of €5 will be charged for a payment reminder that is sent out.

  1. Overdue fees and collection fees

The Company has the right to charge interest on an overdue payment, in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act. The customer is under obligation to pay the debt collection fees caused by debt recovery actions.

Kämp Collection Hotels retains the right to change these terms and conditions, including during the contractual period. Changes to the terms and conditions will be announced on KCH’s website at least one (1) month prior to the change entering into effect.

For more information: talous@kampcollection.com