Hotel St. George makes more out of moments

It’s time to write a new chapter in the history of Helsinki hotels. Hotel St. George challenges the world of hospitality, from customs to attitudes. Its concept even challenges the idea of luxury. Hotel St. George wants to offer its guests more, from moments of total wellbeing to unique, individual choices.

Just over one year ago, Kämp Collection Hotels unveiled its tenth hotel venture. Following a meticulous restoration, Hotel St. George will open its doors during the first weeks of 2018 at  Yrjönkatu 13, right across the beautiful Old Church Park in the heart of Helsinki.

Housed in a magnificent historic building, the hotel’s 10 000 square metres on 7 floors are home to 148 rooms and five suites. Each suite has its own unique connection to history, whether that of Finland, Helsinki, or the building. The stunning St. George Suite, with a private balcony on the main façade, has been named in honour of the hotel. The tower and dome of the Cupola Suite on the sixth floor count among the building’s signature features. The 100 Ans Suite (100 Years Suite) is dedicated to Finland’s centennial celebration in 2017. The Poetry Suite and the Church Park Suite are linked to the city’s cultural history.

Hotel St. George Care is a pure Nordic spa concept with a pool, sauna and a relaxation space with treatment rooms. The hotel’s restaurants, Salt and St. George Bakery & Bar will become social hubs for locals and hotel guests. The culinary concept of Hotel St. George is in creative process and will be shared along with the wellbeing programme of Hotel St. George Care in the beginning of May.

The crown jewel of the hotel will be the Winter garden built into the courtyard, sheltered by a glass roof. The Winter garden has drawn inspiration from the classical conservatories of 18th and 20th century nobility, known for their lush greenery and art collections.

While the oldest sections of Hotel St. George date back to the 1840s, the most iconic, designed by architect Onni Tarjanne, was completed in 1890. Tarjanne is best known for designing the Finnish National Theatre in 1902. Through the years, the building at Yrjönkatu 13 has hosted, for example, the Finnish Literature Society SKS, the printing house for the first Finnish newspaper Suometar and The Helsinki Finnish Club. Stories from its past have played a crucial role in the interior design of the hotel. Once the hotel is completed, they will also serve as inspiration for events.

Hotel St. George’s international marketing will be launched with a bold move in line with the concept: a curated art collection. A work of art by the internationally renowned modern artist Ai Weiwei will adorn the gallery-esque lobby at the hotel’s main entrance. Standing face to face with the giant white dragon will be a magical moment for hotel guests.

Tianwu is a kite, a structure made by hand of bamboo and covered in white silk. This airy work of art is part of the Er Xi, Air de Jeux installation, which was showcased in Le Bon Marché department store in Paris in early 2016. Weiwei found inspiration for the installation in traditional Chinese Shan Hai Jing fairy tales, the first of which were written in the 4th century BC. These stories have been passed down generations for centuries. The mythological creatures displayed in Le Bon Marché resembled birds, fish and dragons. The Tianwu dragon travelled to Helsinki to an exhibition at a local gallery in spring 2016, and now its story continues into the future at Hotel St. George. Helsinki exhibited Ai Weiwei’s art in the year before, too, when the Helsinki Art Museum HAM was reopened to the public with a wide-ranging exhibition of the artist’s work in autumn 2015.

Sculptor Pekka Jylhä delivers another unique art experience at Hotel St. George when his six-metre brass bird finds a permanent nest under the glass roof of the Winter garden. The interplay between light and the bird’s sculptural form creates a striking spatial ambience. Pekka Jylhä’s sculpture was privately commissioned for the Winter garden of Hotel St. George.

The artistic experience continues in the hotel rooms, which owe their colour palette and ambience to some of Finland’s most renowned graphic artists. The visual worlds of Juhana Blomstedt, Lars-Gunnar Nordström and Ernst Mether-Borgström each tell their own stories to hotel guests.

The concept of Hotel St. George has attracted widespread international interest, which has already resulted in the membership of the exclusive Design Hotels portfolio. The Design Hotels selection comprises over 300 private hotels in more than 50 countries, with over 100 membership applications submitted each year. Design Hotels selects its new members with utmost care, only accepting around 10 per cent of the applications.

Hotel St. George has been selected by Design Hotels as key launches for 2017.


For further information:

Mirkku Kullberg, Creative Director


Press inquiries:

Liisa Kuvaja, Head of Communication • 040 722 5789


Material Bank: Hotel St. George material bank

Come Write with Us the Next Chapter of Luxury Hotels — Recruitment Campaign for Managers and Top Talents Opens Today

Hotel St. George, Helsinki, challenges the world, manners and attitudes of hospitality. It also challenges the world of luxury. Hotel St. George aims to create a new perspective on the concept of total well-being. For fall 2017, the dream team needs to be charged and ready to welcome guests to enjoy the world of St. George.

Recruitment campaigns for the top management team have been launched today, February 15, 2017. Following the first phase of these professional encounters, the ambassador management team will start the search for hosts and hostesses, the true souls of the hotel.

“St. George is a passionate and ambitious project, and we believe that you are, too. We invite people who thrive on social encounters with guests and other team members to apply for our lead team. We invite personalities to come build teams with us. We want to create a community that consists of people with different backgrounds, education and skills,” states Mirkku Kullberg, Creative Director for Hotel St. George.

The hotel, the 10th in the Helsinki region for Kämp Collection Hotels, is a key part of a venture into which Kämp Collection Hotels and its partners are investing a total of 200 million euros to develop the Helsinki hotel market. Hotel St. George is an ambitious project to push the boundaries from both conceptual and business case perspectives.

The more than 10,000 square meters spanning seven floors – all with different ambiances – 153 rooms, inspiring restaurant ideology, bar, bakery, a spa with a swimming pool and the most amazing winter garden in the inner courtyard all create the framework for the St. George dream, as well as aspirations to be more than a luxury hotel.

Hotel St. George, located next to the Old Church Park at Yrjönkatu 13, has been a true architectural landmark since its origins. The building was originally designed by Onni Tarjanne, whose most famous work is the Finnish National Theatre. The building dates from the 1840s, with its most iconic section completed in 1890. The hotel will be comprised of two separate facilities, which will offer an ideal structure for hotel development.

“On the 14th March, the St. George concept will be released, but for now the focus is on the search for the talented management team members,” says Mirkku Kullberg.

“When the autumn leaves fall in Church Park, which the hotel faces, a new adventure will start and the perfect team will be ready to welcome guests when they arrive for their stay in the world of St. George.”

These persons, who feel that St. George is “my world,” can send an application by March 15, 2017. For the second phase, there will be a casting event with interviews and tests. It will be fun and exhausting. After the moment of truth, the team will be selected to join the St. George story.

Follow the recruitment campaign:


For further information:
Mirkku Kullberg, Creative Director


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Kämp Collection Hotels Welcomes Top-level Travel Bloggers


The biggest travel event in Northern Europe: Matka 2017 Fair's international bloggers program Nordic Bloggers’ Experience (NBE) started at the weekend, when over 70 travel bloggers took part in the Finnish Adventure all around the country. This coming Tuesday the bloggers will meet at Klaus K Hotel’s La Dolce Vita themed welcome party.

“Collaboration with NBE gives us a great opportunity to create personal relationships with international travel bloggers”, Kämp Collection Hotels’ Strategic Marketing Director Mirkku Kullberg tells us. “We believe in the power of content, real stories and our strong partnerships, to deliver our message. These are the reasons why we started collaborating as a hotel partner to Nordic Bloggers’ Experience.

Kämp Collection Hotels is the official hotel partner of the Nordic Bloggers’ Experience for the first time this year. A third of the bloggers, who have arrived from 27 different countries all in all, are staying at boutique hotel Lilla Roberts and Klaus K Hotel.

The NBE program and the Matka Travel Fair have achieved a solid status internationally among bloggers. Altogether there were over 500 applicants for the campaign, from 51 countries.

Nordic Travel Fair Matka 2017 and Matka Pro Fair will be held at the Helsinki Fair Centre from 19th to 22nd January 2017.
The NBE bloggers’ program of the Matka Fair is open from 14th to the 24th January 2017.

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Kämp Collection Hotels Loves Modigliani


Modigliani afternoon tea

The high point of the autumn art season in Helsinki is the retrospective exhibition of Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920) in the Ateneum Art Museum. It is the largest exhibition of the Italian artist’s work ever shown in the Nordic region.

After visiting the show, why don’t you drop in for Modigliani afternoon tea at Brasserie in Hotel Kämp? You’ll find the elegant Modigliani afternoon tea menu here.

In addition to a tea of your choice the offer includes a delightful selection of savoury and sweet delicacies.

The afternoon tea is served in Kämp Brasserie from Monday to Saturday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

When you visit Café Modigliani at the Ateneum Art Museum you will get a voucher is valid in Kämp Brasserie until 5 February 2017.


Café Modigliani

Take a pause from viewing and pamper yourself with afternoon tea, or why not have a glass of bubbly. Café Modigliani is a joint project by two classics, Hotel Kämp and the Ateneum Art Museum. The sense of patina is genuine – the café is furnished with vintage furniture from Hotel Kämp that served many classic Finnish artists in the old days. You will find Café Modigliani on the second floor of the Ateneum.

When you make a purchase at Café Modigliani you get a discount voucher for afternoon tea in Brasserie at Hotel Kämp. In addition to a tea of your choice the offer includes a delightful selection of savoury and sweet delicacies. Afternoon tea is served in Kämp Brasserie from Monday to Saturday between 3 and 6 pm until 5 February 2017.

The exhibition is open from 28 Oct 2016 – 5 Feb 2017 (Tue, Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Wed, Thu 10 am – 8 pm and Sat, Sun 10 am – 5 pm)

Café Modigliani is open Mon through Sat from 3–6 pm on the museum’s open days.


You Are Here – Present Card

Kämp Collection Hotels offer our accommodation guests the best gift ideas from the greatest Finnish design and fashion houses.

The You Are Here Present Card gives you special benefits in stores in the center of Helsinki.

We wish you happy shopping with You Are Here Present Card!

Offer does not apply to assorted art glass objects or made to order products.
15 % from furniture and lightning. Offer doesn’t apply to accessories. We offer international shipping. Please contact the store personnel.
Ivana Helsinki
Anna Ruohonen
Kalevala Koru




Yayoi Kusama: In Infinity

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© Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/ Singapore; Victoria Miro Gallery, London; David Zwirner, New York, © Yayoi Kusama

The year 2016 in Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) culminates in an exhibition by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929). One of the world’s foremost contemporary artists, Kusama is known particularly for her large installations in which the viewer becomes part of the artist’s fantastical world. The show in HAM consists of landmark works by the artist, including paintings, sculptures and installations. In Infinity is the first major retrospective exhibition of Kusama’s work to be held in Finland.

Kämp Collection Hotels offers unforgettable experiences of culture and art together with HAM. Inspired by Kusama’s art, we have come up with new innovative offers for our guests that are available until the end of January 2017. Restaurant Yume has a superb Kusama-inspired menu, which you can read here, and the new You Are Here present card will get you a 25% discount on tickets to the art museum. Enjoy a moment of freedom from the mundane and indulge in polka dot art and food


You Are Here

‘You Are Here’ is a fun, smart and entertaining lifestyle magazine from Kämp Collection Hotels. It can help you to stay up to date with what’s happening in Helsinki and learn more about interesting people and phenomena associated with the city. ‘You Are Here’ revels in its love affair with Finland’s capital city, a fact that can be seen and heard in every facet of the magazine’s content.

The magazine’s website,, has also been launched. On the website’s digital moodboard page, you can enjoy a selection of the best picks from the published content. The latest issue’s feature story is available in its entirety, along with the feature article from the previous issue. The moodboard pages also make it possible to browse all of the design team’s amazing magazine covers, as each issue’s cover page is customized for each individual hotel.

The maiden issue appeared in May and was an immediate success, due to great interest. The autumn issue was published on Monday, September 5 and was speedily distributed to all of our hotels and restaurants, reaching an even wider audience via some of our most valued partners. The full content of the magazine is also available at the websites of each of our hotels.

Check out the magazine today and get the most out of your Helsinki experience!

The chain of Kämp Collection Hotels is composed of the finest hotels in the Helsinki area: Hotel Kämp, Lilla Roberts, Klaus K, Hotel Haven, GLO Kluuvi, GLO Art, GLO Sello, GLO Airport, Hotel Fabian and in autumn 2017, the latest luxurious entry, the St George.

The magazine ‘You Are Here’ is also active on several social media channels. Find it on Instagram and other services with the hashtags #youarehere_kch, #youareherehelsinki and #reasontocometohelsinki.

You Are Here Art Card offers cultural treats at Museums for customers of Kämp Collection Hotels

You Are Here - Art Card

Take a break from routine and refresh yourself with art!

Kämp Collection Hotels has teamed up with museums in the Greater Helsinki area to give its customers unique experiences of culture and art.

We have created the You Are Here Art Card that gives its holder a 25% discount off the price of museum tickets. The card is valid until 31 December 2017 and entitles the holder to one discount visit per museum. Museums in the program include the Ateneum Art Museum, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Design Museum, HAM, Kiasma, Kunsthalle Helsinki, and Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA/WeeGee Exhibition centre.